Ivory Sulcata Tortoise Hatchling

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Ivory Sulcata tortoises (African spurred tortoise) are identical in size and care as any other African Spurred tortoise. They can be the offspring of two ivory Sulcata tortoises.  They can also be from two normal looking Sulcata tortoises that are het for ivory, which means they both carry the very rare leucistic gene.  Or one ivory Sulcata and one het can produce them.  In the fewest possible words, both parents need to have the leucistic gene in order to produce an ivory. Ivory Sulcata tortoises look like albino Sulcatas, but they have dark ruby eyes, that almost look black.  The sun does not bother them, so you can house them outside.The primary difference between true ‘Albinos’ and ‘Leucistic’ is with the eye pigment. Albino genes cause a complete loss of pigment in everything, including skin, shell and eyes.  Albino eyes are actually clear (without color) and what you see are blood vessels at the back of the eye, giving the red appearance.  Leucistic genes cause a loss of pigment in everything except the eyes, leaving the eyes with natural color.  Although Leucistic babies are first born with clear (albino) eyes with dark red appearance, they eventually change to black during the first few weeks.True albino eyes will remain red throughout life, making the outdoors (sun rays) an unhealthy environment, whereas, Leucistic tortoises (with black eyes) are not harmed by natural sunlight.Richard Fife first produced them in 2000. This is a fantastically beautiful tortoise that is a walking pearl.

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