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Have you ever wanted to watch a tortoise take its first breath? The opportunity is here!

Another successful egg hatched!

Hatched 9/7/17

T.J. contacted me a few months ago, inquired about a tortoise egg. He has never owned a tortoise and has never hatched anything. The egg hatched on 9/7/17 and is doing fantastic. 

$10 Donation per purchase


"The mission of theTurtleRoom is to advance survival of the world’s turtles and tortoises through collaborative education, conservation, and research programs." Take a minute to check their website out.  They are all amazing individuals that do great for turtles and tortoises around the world. 


TortStork's donation details

For every egg or tortoise hatchling purchased off Tortstork.com, Tortstork.com will donate ten dollars to one of these programs to help aid in the protection of Turtles and Tortoises around the world. These organizations have made no endorsement of Tortstork.com, this is simply our way to give back to the conservation of these amazing animals.


Turtle Survival Alliance

Turtle Survial Alliance's mission is "Transforming passion for turtles into effective conservation action through a global network of living collections and recovery programs." 


A little about TortStork

Tortoise nest directly to you

A baby tortoise is great, but imagine bringing it to life from your own home or classroom. We will ship you a tortoise egg within 48 hours of it being laid and 60-70 days later you can watch it break out of its shell.

Multiple species available

Order just an egg or order a hatchling. For prices and species availability please go to the "tortoise availability" page.

Learn first hand about incubating tortoises

Combined we have over 30 years of experience. We are always just a contact away if you have questions.  We provide advice from the day you inquire about an egg through caring for your hatchling years after it hatches. Learn temperatures, humidity, candling, piping of the egg and caring for your newly hatched tortoise for life.  

A little about me

People call me Randy, because that is my name.

Ever since I was young I have wanted to hatch my own tortoise.  I reached out to numerous breeders asking if I could buy a tortoise egg.  I even said I would take all the risk.  Everyone turned me down saying it wasn't feasible. Its been a dream of mine to make it feasible for anyone who wants to hatch their own tortoise.  I made my dream come true, so you can make your dream come true...

Besides tortoises and turtles, I enjoy the beach, fishing and most importantly spending time with my family.

The "Risk" is in the "Want"

Disclaimer of warranties and liability

Buyer assumes all risks in connection with the purchase of one or more tortoise/turtle eggs.  Seller cannot guarantee that egg will arrive intact, or that egg will be fertile.  Seller will appropriately pack egg to protect it during shipping, but shipping is provided by third parties over whom seller has no control.  Seller cannot determine at the time of shipping if egg is fertilized. Seller shall have no liability for any claims, causes of action, or the like a rising at law or equity in connection with the sale and/or shipment of tortoise/turtle eggs, and moreover, shall have no liability for incidental, consequential, and/or special damages; although it is the intent of the parties that seller shall bear no liability, the parties further agree that sellers liability is explicitly limited to the amount paid for the egg or eggs which are the subject of the transaction.  Buyer is buying egg or eggs in "as is" condition and is not relying on any warranties of any kind, whether express or implied. 

The organization receiving the donation from a purchase shall bear no liability for any issue that would arise between the Buyer and Seller.


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If you have any questions or want to talk directly to us, please email tortstork@gmail.com.  We will answer any questions you might have.


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