What is a Hatch a Tortoise Instahatch Egg?

A Hatch a Tortoise Instahatch Egg is an experience of a lifetime; Watch a tortoise hatch in the comfort of your own home or classroom.  You order a tortoise egg and Tortstork ships it for over night delivery.  You unbox your egg and place it in your incubator.  A few days later, your tortoise will start to hatch.  All that is required from is your own incubator.  Everything else is supplied by Tortstork.

What kind of incubator is required for a Hatch a Tortoise Instahatch Egg?

Tortstork uses a Hovobator 1602N to incubate all eggs. This might not be the greatest incubator on the market, but it has incubated hundreds of tortoises successfully for us.  If you already have an incubator that you would like to use and it is not the one we recommend, please email tortstork@tortstork.com to get approval for the guarantee.  We do approve a lot of incubators, but will NOT approve DIY or home made incubators.

I have never hatched a tortoise, how difficult is it?

It is not difficult at all.  Tortstork supplies you with a detailed step by step technique guide.  The technique guide helps you from the time you unbox your egg through the first year of your tortoise’s life.  We respond promptly to email, text and calls.  Once you join the Hatch a Tortoise Instahatch egg family, you are given a hotline phone number that you can call or text to get answers to any of your questions.