Dalmatian Hermann’s Tortoise Hatchling


100% captive bred. Our hatchlings have the typical visual characteristics of Dalmatian Hermann’s.

The Dalmatian tortoise (Testudo hermanni hercegovinensis). The Dalmatian tortoise has been considered to be sort of a middle ground between the eastern and western Hermann’s tortoise. It’s morphology and colors overall resemble the eastern more so while its markings point more towards the western. Testudo hermanni hercegovinensis bears a unique plastron. Black stripes running along the plastron’s midline resemble that of the western Hermann’s tortoise but are not nearly as conspicuous or solid. The suture of the humeral scutes meeting the pectorals is commonly shaped like a “U”. Perhaps the most distinguishing trait associated with the Dalmatian tortoise is the lack of inguinal scutes on one or both sides where the carapace joins the plastron at the bridge. In more than 60% of individuals studied in the wild by Wolfgang Wegehaupt, these inguinal scutes were lacking entirely. When present, they are often smaller and wider than the larger, longer ones seen on both the western and eastern subspecies. The head and snout of the Dalmatian tortoise are definitely a trait worth relying on for differentiation. The snout is rounded or blunt and overall the head is rather pudgy. It is not sleek and narrow like T. h. hermanni and it is also not robust and bulky like that of T. h. boettgeri.

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