Eastern Hermann’s Tortoise Hatchling


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Eastern Hermann’s (Testudo hermanni boettgeri) are the most readily available of the Hermann’s tortoises.  They are quite different from the western subspecies and a lot more variable in size and coloration. The main difference is the lack of the subocular yellow spot on their cheek.  Eastern Hermann’s also lack a central black marking on the fourth vertebral scute of the carapace, which is typically always present on the western subspecies.  The color of their carapace is an attractive black and yellow with black/tan/straw skin pigmentation.  Hatchlings will have darker skin pigment, which will lighten with age.  They also have a faint yellow subocular patch (not spot) on their check, which usually goes away as they grow.  Their natural population inhabits Serbia, Kosovo, Macedonia, Romania, Bulgaria, Albania, Turkey and Greece.  They range from 7” to 9″ for females and 5.5” to 7″ for males. Being readily available, highly robust and extremely personable, makes them a great tortoise to own.

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