Western Hermann’s, Sardinian hatchling


Testudo hermanni hermanni, also known as Sardinian western Hermann’s.  These Inuslar (island dwelling) tortoises come from the island Sardinia, which is in the Mediterranean sea.  They range from 6″ to over 8″ for females and 5″ to 7″ for males. The color of their carapace is a vibrant bright yellow with black markings. There are some distinct features that are seen on Sicilian western Hermann’s. On the fifth vertebral scute, they feature a symbol that is reminiscent of a “keyhole” or “mushroom cloud.”  The plastron is where Testudo hermanni hermanni exhibits its most characteristic feature. Two unmistakable black stripes run parallel along the midline and are completely separated from each other.The formation of the stripes is important in that they start pointed in at each other, widen out towards the middle and taper back toward each other at their ends.  A subocular spot is present.  This bright yellow spot or patch is found on either side of the head is just under and behind each eye. This is when one to two black stripes or smudges are found on the inner sides of the gular scutes on the plastron, which is underneath the throat. It is noticeable on hatchlings right out of the egg but can also turn up within the first year.

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